Other.dentified risk factors include age, gender smoking, low socio-economic class, and inadequate contact lens hygiene. Medline . Corneal ulcers may be best treated by a veterinary ophthalmologist who will culture the ulcer to choose the correct antibiotic. Superficial small ulcers heal rapidly by the first process. Contains macro globulins with anti-collagenase effects. Get prompt treatment for an eye infection to prevent ulcers from forming. The combination of exogenous, and unregulated endogenous, proteinases leads to a rapid breakdown of collagen, with the characteristic melting appearance. Jung B, Fritz DC, Kumar A, et al.

Corneal ulcer

It.lso might hurt to look at any bright lights. Once the exact cause is known, you may be given drops that treat bacteria, herpes, other viruses, or a fungus. Tectonic grafts for corneal thinning and perforations. This will help decrease swelling and pain. Loose epithelium is removed with a dry cotton swab under topical anaesthesia .

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